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All About Burnaby

All About Burnaby

Burnaby is a gorgeous city east of Vancouver in the Canadian province of British Columbia. There are a number of notable characteristics about this city, and many people are starting to move out of Vancouver into this relatively smaller town for a variety of reasons.

Lower Cost of Living

One of the most significant reasons why people are starting to move to Burnaby from Vancouver is the significantly lower cost of living. Vancouver is a gorgeous town but it is notorious for being extremely expensive to live in. Cost of living is often so high that people barely make ends meet even if they have moderately paying jobs.

Hence, people that work in Vancouver are starting to move to Burnaby. The city is close enough to Vancouver that it provides a decent commute for people that are willing to save money on rent and other living expenses, and it provides a generally high standard of living.


The Superb Power Of App Store Optimization In Mobile App Marketing

The Superb Power Of App Store Optimization In Mobile App Marketing

Over the years, app marketing has become the harder task. This is because there are just too many apps in the market today, and more are still coming in. the secret is making sure your app stands out and gets the best rating. Your app should be in a position to get great rankings in whatever app store it is found in.

What is the importance?

Most people visit app stores in order to look for new apps. This means that where your app stands in app stores is very important. While those looking have not used the app, they rely on the opinion of those who have used it before them. That is why they will be looking at the ratings. Better ratings will get you higher purchases.

How do you remain at the top?

Well, there are no two ways to get the best rating. You have to make sure that the app is literally the best. Remember these ratings come from people who have used and are now well versed with the app. If you delivered what you promised and probably even exceeded the expectations, they are definitely going to give you great ratings.

Make sure you do not over promise and under deliver. I can assure you that disappointed users will not be giving you any ratings you can be proud of. Ensure that everyone who uses your app will be satisfied and you can be sure you will remain at the top of the food chain.

What is the importance of being at the top?

This, though quite straightforward, is a very important question. Have a purpose as to why you want to be at the top. If all you want is to lead, you might not be there for long as you will forget the essentials. Remember you are in a business. All the businesses are in the business of making money and having loyal customers. Make sure you reap from being at the top and also ensure you do not forget that you have to last there for as long as possible. While you are there, keep giving if you want to keep receiving and getting new customers.

App stores are what sells apps. This is a fact you can’t ignore if you want to make any profits that will be worth the while.  App marketing is never complete if you don’t put app store ratings into considerations.