Archive: February 2017

Final exam calculator, a wonderful tool

So, what I got the thing that I needed. I found a final exam calculator website, a website that is simply called final grade percentage calculator .com. Now I know exactly where I didn’t need to get on my final exam, if I want to get a B+ in the class, which is exactly what I need to move forward in a positive way through my degree progress. It’s just that easy, people. Isn’t that the best? Anyway, I do think that I’m going to do very well this year, my marks really came around, and I really committed to life is a student. It seems weird, doesn’t it? Even though you’re a little older, and you thought you were already done as a student, one day you end up taking courses again and you have a brand new perspective on the whole thing. For me, I found a lot of value in being in these courses.  I found a lot of value in it, because it’s just so easy to be engaged in life when you actually care about what you’re doing, or as some of the work that I had been doing was so impersonal, and even if it paid well, I didn’t see where it was taking me, or what my trajectory was. When you’re a student, you get to choose your own trajectory, and you’re totally moving forward and way that adds value to yourself as a future employee of a company, and adds value to yourself and your own estimation of what it means to be an accomplished individual. What could be better than that? Very little, in my opinion. Very little, indeed. So, this is what I need to do, I need to get a B+ and I will have an A in the course, and I will feel very accomplished.  Can I get the grade that I so dearly wish to get? I really think that I can.