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Daylighting in design verlichting

When the sun shows in the sky, it may show as red, orange, and yellow or maybe white which is determined by the position of itself. The changing color of the sun through the course of the day is as result of scattered light from the sky, which tends to spread blue lighting rather than red lighting.

Daylight has a spectrum which is likened to that of a black body with the same color temperature of 6,500k the standard view of D 65 or 5500k, the standard daylight-balanced photographic film.

For the colors based on the blackbody theory, temperature of blue color is higher, while that of red is lower

The correlation of color temperature

The temperature of the light source is the temperature of a black-body radiator which reflects light compared to hue and that of the light source. Color temperature is a feature of the visible light that has an important function in design verlichting, photography, and videography. In a real sense, the temperature of a color is only used for light sources which correspond to the radiation giving out by some black body.

For lighting the interiors of a building, it is often important to take into consideration the temperature of the bright color. For example, a warmer light (of little temperature and color) is commonly used in public areas to create a sense of relaxation, while the cooler light (of higher temperature and color) is used in the office to build a concentration of the staffs.

The color temperature of the electromagnetic radiation in the emission of an ideal black body is the surface temperature in Kelvin, or in mireds or micro-reciprocal kelvin). This gives a standard to which light sources are weighted.

The categories of different lighting based on their temperature

The color temperature is not the actual surface temperature. Many of the light sources such as fluorescent lamp or the light emitting diodes do release light base on the processes but not by thermal radiation, which connotes that the radiation does associate with black body radiation.


  • 1700 k- match flames, low-pressure sodium lamps
  • 1850 k candles flames, sunrise, and sunset
  • 2700-3300 k- incandescent lamps and soft white fluorescent lamps
  • 3000 k- warm white fluorescent lamps
  • 4100-4150 k- moonlight and cool white fluorescent lamps
  • 5000 k- Horizon daylight
  • 5500-6000 k- vertical daylight, electronic flash
  • 6200 k- xenon short-arc lamp
  • 6500 k- daylight, overcast, daylight fluorescent lamps
  • 6500- 10500 k- LCD or CRT screen
  • 15000-27000 k- bright blue poleward sky

Coleman RoadTrip LXX Grill Review

Okay, this is a pretty interesting grill.

I’ve got to say, Coleman really surprised me with this one. This is a dynamic electric grill, and just by looking at it, you can tell it is a little out of the ordinary as far as outdoor grills go, which seems a little out of character for Coleman, who I usually rely on for providing the classics. Surprised, but not disappointed– that’s for sure.

There are quite a few possibilities with this grill, especially if you’re willing to purchase a few extra parts, which are sold separately. The grill is compatible with a variety of cooktops, which makes this a very dynamic, multi-purpose mechanism. You can throw a griddle, a full size griddle, and different stove top grates up there to open up your meal possibilities. Mix and match within your grill space to ensure you are whipping up a variety of foods on a variety of surfaces without sacrificing the flavor of anything that you’re grilling. That’s not a feature that every grill offers, so you can count on the fact that I was pretty impressed.

There are some other pretty great features that come along with the COleman RoadTrip LXX, too. Of course, I’m a big fan of matchless lighting, and the in start ingnition system that is featured by this grill is a consistent, reliable, and simple solution to getting the fire started. The cooking space is more than big enough, with 285 inches of grill space, and a consistent temperature capacity of 22,000 BTUs. Steel hooks allow you to hang your tools in a sensible, simple, and sturdy manner.

The grill is built to fold up and pack away in a spatially efficient and compact manner. Truly meant for the casual road trip or tailgating experience, this is another feature that puts this grill slightly ahead of a lot of its main competition. It’s easy to wheel around, but it’s also very light. In general, it’s an impressively portable grill, to be certain.

Coleman is one of my favorite brands, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be critical. My complaints are mostly minor– little things, like the plastic handle, which I don’t think will last long if I’m cooking away at high temperatures. Also, it doesn’t perform to the standard of an extremely high end grill, like a Weber, for example– but it’s not priced like one either!

In general, Coleman really impressed me with this light, simple, and portable grill. I would recommend it, and think it delivers great value for the price!