This Simple Machine

This Elektroroller  is such a simple machine, the electric motor is virtually without any need for maintenance ever, and it’s integrated in the rear wheel, and it is substantially cleaner than any engine that runs on any petrochemicals or oil or gas. They designed this on purpose. You can give it an all sorts of cities. Stuttgart, Berlin (east and west), Dortmund, Dusseldorf, Frankfort, and more.I think that it is very important to be environmentally responsible but also to have a good time. When I was in Germany recently, I couldn’t help but notice that the electric scooter craze had taken on an amazing form. It was the UNU that had a really, really impressed me. I examined this scooter, and I saw that it was clean in every way possible. It runs only on electricity, nothing else, absolutely nothing else. This means that there is no pollution. There’s no exhaust. Exhaust is one of the worst things, considering it comes from every vehicle all the time, and it is constantly polluting the environment. Whenever I’m in traffic, stuck in traffic specifically, and I see all of the vehicles running, all of them shooting off all sorts of toxic gases into the environment, I always feel guilty that I’m also contributing to this horrible pollution. Vehicles like this scooter don’t make that a problem. They are simple and they don’t run on any pollution. I think this is very very important. There’s no oil or gas or anything like that, it’s all electricity. And the battery that it comes with comes in a little container, and it can be charged inside. That means that you can even bring your battery with you if you’re going to have a very long day of, or a couple of days, and you can plug in whenever you go inside for a coffee. This is so rare, and there are very few businesses doing this.


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